Recent random thoughts


1) I’m thinking about trading in my wardrobe for a set of custom-made commemorative t-shirts. Each would have an event and date written on the front (i.e. “Invisible Hand in Your Pants Launch”) and a commemorative quote on the back: (i.e. “The world is now grooved“). Every day wear a different shirt, fondly remember an event in your life, and start a conversion about it with someone. Then send your regrets to Banana Republic.


2) People do a really bad job retaining information and ideas. I craft brilliant speeches in the shower and have forgotten them by the time my pants are on. For every 10 interesting articles I read, I remember fewer than 2 a week later. Three ideas to better retain and capture information: 1) Keep a running list of ideas or interesting stuff on your computer and sync it to a Google Doc in the cloud.  The act of writing it down and an occasional scan is enough to keep it in your mind 2) Get voice note software on your mobile device to record those fleeting ideas as they come 3) If you must be old school, carry one of those reporters notebooks around everywhere.

3) What would you do if you had 2 months off from work (voluntary or otherwise)? If you can’t answer that question you need to take a day off and do some self-reflection.

4) Not to get all Tyler Cowen on you, but here’s a sentence to ponder:

Given that human beings are invariably diverse and that the knowledge at thier disposal is invariably limited, it would seem to follow that even societies in which unsophisticated people obey rudimentary rules will produce surprises and discontinuities — events that cannot be foreseen either through intuition or through the more conventional sorts of social science.

It’s from a thoroughly rewarding article that Catherine sent along here. The most famous example is the Schelling Model that predicts that even non-racists will still form segregated neighborhoods.

5) “Heisenberg was here… maybe” is the best piece of bathroom graffiti I’ve seen this month.

6) The fact that Chicago mantains a large human population in spite of the weather is a giant testament to how great the city is. San Diego would be abandoned within a month it were in the plains.


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4 Responses to “Recent random thoughts”

  1. Catherine Says:

    I didn’t realize I looked so good in a kerchief!

    I would love to know how much this agent based modeling stuff has been incorporated into behavioral economics. Maybe that would be my two months (that or a sheep farm in Iceland, dontcha know).

  2. Santi Says:

    1. Good idea. But I’ll stick to “making it rain since November 25, 1985”

  3. Santi Says:

    1. Good idea. But I’ll stick to “making it rain since November 25, 1985”
    2. I’m sticking to my notebook – I have yet to see your phone recognize anything.
    3. good bless.

  4. A Says:

    @ 4: The quoted statement reminds me of the Stephen Hawking’s statement in one of his books where he broaches upon the whimsicality and the utter unpredictability of human minds (neuron system) – giving simple but beautiful arguments based on complexity involved in motion calculations (Newtonian/Quantum) of increasing number of entities (2,3…to billions inside the brain)…
    …And so it seems like free will should be left to itself, than being prodded through scientific yardsticks. “Events that cannot be forseen…” as the statement mentions…isn’t it?

    PS: Me First-timer here 🙂

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