Google: Please index my life


One the greatest source of unrecorded, unorganized yet useful sets of information is the movements and activites in one’s life. 

  • Where were you on the night of March 23rd at 7PM?
  • Which bars have you been to in the area?
  • How much time do you spend in my apartment per week?

That data dies when you forget it.

I now know I emailed my college dean  4 times in April 2006, withdrew $60 from my checking account 10/12/2005, searched for “MTA map” on Google last Tuesday.    

Just like Microsoft indexes my mail, BOFA indexes my bank account and Google indexes my searches, I want someone to index my life.  This should be possible with a gps-enabled smartphone.

Does anyone know any efforts in this space? There’s Brightkite — the best of a underutilzied crop of geo-aware social networking iPhone apps. But those are too focused on socialization. I want to know more about myself, what I do, when I do it. I want a life dashboard. I want my personal history to be searchable.

If Google isn’t 2 years down this road already, there’s a big opportunity out there.



6 Responses to “Google: Please index my life”

  1. jbertz Says:

    How bout a journal? 10 minutes a day… Thats what I do!

  2. phil Says:

    Journals nice, but it’s not searchable, indexible, tagable, transmittable, or any of the other great things you can do with an electronic dataset.

    It’s also not comprehensive.

  3. Christina Says:

    I need Google search for life. Damnit. Where are my socks?

  4. Mta Map Says:

    […] Good article, I decided to link to it from my site. All the best. […]

  5. Catherine Says:

    I think I know of this technology you speak of…it’s your brain!

    On a less flippant note, the Luddite in me just had a apoplectic fit at the thought of all this information being publicly available. Do you ever worry/notice that by downloading all the information you use to remember you lose the skill of remembrance (of this type of information)?

  6. phil Says:

    Catherine! Who said anything about “publicly available.” This is your info, not the public’s.

    Interesting point about losing the skill of remembrance. I would say “that’s ridiculous, Catherine!” but then I remember that I don’t know how to spell. And my mom does. That’s all due to spell check.

    But if a computer remembers for you, why do you have to do it? Unless you are a Luddite that is…

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