Two questions surrounding receipts


1) What do waiters do when a customer adds the tip incorrectly on the receipt? Take the higher value or the lower one?

2) Why is there both a “tip” line and a “total” line on a receipt to begin with?  Isn’t one of those redundant? The tip implies the total and vice versa. Maybe a little arithmetic practice is good for keeping us sharp.



3 Responses to “Two questions surrounding receipts”

  1. Jesse Says:


  2. phil Says:

    16% was generous given the French Onion Soup was cold and the Sirloin overdone. And the waitress only had 9 pieces of flair.

  3. kris Says:

    ha ha… I know and maybe some arithmetic practice under intoxicated conditions is what makes us better in math? I always try to get the Total line to add up evenly so if it is 108 SEK i want to add 12 to get 120, but how many times haven’t I been standing counting and trying to get the numbers right while I am holding the bar steadily trying to stand straight at 3 o’clock at night…

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