Re: Bathroom entrepreneurship


One more to add to Sam’s list: This one for the poor and rural:

A cheap, water-efficient toilet that does not require an extensive sewage system.


3 Responses to “Re: Bathroom entrepreneurship”

  1. Noah K Says:

    Man, what my mind digs out of the gutter: from Esquire’s best-of list in 2005 from William McDonough:

    The Lotus-Leaf Toilet
    McDonough’s concept for a new ecologically progressive toilet features a satin bench lid atop a polished silver bowl with two compartments. The front bowl has its own little drain with an oil trap, so there’s no smell. The back bowl, shaped like a lotus leaf, is so slick that virtually nothing can stick to it. So water won’t be necessary. You can flush with a simple mist of antiseptic or a flash of UV rays when the lid is put back down. The toilet has barely changed in hundreds of years, says McDonough. “I think it’s time for a little renovation.”

  2. phil Says:

    You are gross, Noah.

  3. Person A Says:

    Another idea:

    Improved stall doors that extend all the way to the floor. Also, there should be a minimal gap between the stall door and door frame. Such doors not only improve bathroom comfort by giving the patron an increased sense of privacy, but they could potentially inhibit Larry Craig-like behavior.

    Urinal dividers should similarly go down to the floor and up above head level, for an increased sense of privacy and comfort.

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