Marketing – myths of origin


If they brought it from elsewhere, it must be good. Consider:

  1. Häagen-Dazs is owned by General Mills and the name was made up to make Americans think it was Scandinavian
  2. London Consulting Group is a firm based in Monterrey, Mexico, with operations all over Latin America – but an English motto (“Get more from your business!”)
  3. Bavaria is a Costa Rican beer distributed in Costa Rica
  4. Cerveza Polar is a Venezuelan beer distributed in Venezuela – with a Polar Bear printed on the label
  5. Fiji water… well okay, that actually comes from Fiji islands, but they have H2O in delicious form in Vermont for God sakes; also in less glamorous locations like… Minnesota

I agree with Phil that the local food craze is a bit screwy, but it’s not more irrational than many other powerful marketing influences – such as the foreign food craze.



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