Tocumen International Airport, terminal 2


Tocumen International in Panama City is a hub for travel between Central and South America. I had the pleasure of spending several hours there on a lay-over with hundreds of fellow passengers.

Some statistics:

  1. Number of gates: 28
  2. Percentage of passengers speaking Spanish: >90%
  3. Percentage of attractive women wearing tight clothing: just right
  4. Percentage of unattractive women wearing tight clothing: too much for comfort but enough to make it interesting
  5. Number of electronics stores: 5, all mobbed
  6. Number of stores selling alcohol and perfume: 4
  7. Number of extremely lucrative Lacoste stores: 1
  8. Number of news stands and book stores: 0 (can’t explain this one: may have to do with exclusivity deals signed by other airport retailers)

Tocumen International is one environment to see Latin America’s wealthy interact.


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