7 Collective action problems


Wouldn’t the world be a better place if:

1) It was deemed socially acceptable to jog or run everywhere
2) We all suddenly stopped wearing business casual (a bad compromise of two desirable things)
3) Everyone took the passwords off their WiFi
4) Everyone Twittered their current location all the time
5) People showed up to parties exactly on time
6) Public transportation
7) And the big ones: No more tariffs, no more nukes, no more armies


3 Responses to “7 Collective action problems”

  1. Sam Says:

    “Everyone twittered their current location and time.” This is too funny. This is too Phil. If you guys hadn’t noticed, Phil likes social networking technology.

    I’d settle for just number 7.

  2. phil Says:

    #7? That is too Sam.

    I’d settle for just number 2

  3. doc mac Says:

    #1: running! yes please!

    #8: universal health care coverage? everyone’s allowed to dream….

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