What makes a city grow?


The city

  1. The city, of 1.2 million people, is on the coast and has ports
  2. The city’s rich colonial history, distinct local culture, and Caribbean climate are ideal for tourism
  3. The city is 70 miles from another key industrial city

The country

  1. The country suffers a reputation for killings and kidnappings due to many years of violent drug wars and guerrilla insurgencies
  2. In the recent past, traveling between major cities at night was dangerous, causing a reliance on planes for travel and transport
  3. Recently, the country has become much safer and the guerrillas are nearly defeated

The world

  1. The price of oil is sky high, favoring land and sea transport over air transport
  2. A real estate crisis and shaking equity markets in the United States and Europe are pushing capital into new markets
  3. Economic power is shifting from first to third world

As this country’s reputation catches up to advances in its security, tourism in this city will boom. International investors are already driving up real estate, and the trend will continue. The city’s ports will swell and require expansion. New local wealth will find local consumption and investment opportunities.

The city is Cartagena, Colombia, which is taking off. You can feel energy in the air. Question: if you foresee this growth, how can you invest?


2 Responses to “What makes a city grow?”

  1. Santi Says:

    Loved the post!

  2. phil Says:

    It’s true. This post was blatant Santi-baiting.

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