My new hobby horse: GPS


As previously expressed here and here and here, I think prevalent mobile GPS technology is a total game changer and holds great promise to improve our offline lives.

Two more applications for the technology:

1) Time is money. And if there’s one place we waste a lot of time, it’s overbudgeting for car trips to account for traffic. If you MUST be somewhere at X time, you plan for the worst and leave a large cushion. Chances are you arrive early. GPS will largely eliminate the friction of time budgeting. It knows fairly precisely how long it takes to get from A to B because others are always driving all along the route you will take. It can ascertain current traffic conditions with unprecedented resolution by piecing together individual car speeds along the route in real time.

2) This is Oskar‘s idea: Ever wonder physically how close you’ve been to a certain celebrity in your lifetime? Me neither. But everyone who reads People Magazine has. And they’d love a GPS system that could tell them. (NB .. fairly certain I was once within 37 feet of Steve Buscemi. May 19th 2003)


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