Listmania baby! It’s sweeping the nation!


I like gambling. A lot. But not in casinos. I prefer betting on propositions. If you know me I’ve probably accosted you about where I’m making rain for charities by losing fairly sizable bets against myself.

If anyone wants to play, I tender the following three wagers

1) The next generation of world leaders is being born around now in the slums of the world’s largest cities, like Bombay and Nairobi. I bet 5 barrels of oil at 2040 prices that at least 1/3 of the Time Magazine People of the Year (or equivalent) in the 2030s will be from the slum of a large city.

2) Soccer will score higher Nielson ratings than Baseball within 10 years. Fairly certain about this. If I win, you buy me front row seats to a soccer playoff series. If you win, I’ll buy you front row seats to a baseball playoff series.

3) Neither Facebook nor Google will be the market leader in their space within 5 years (4:1 odds on 3 years). This one’s more speculative. If I lose, I’ll buy you 5 shares of Google stock at 2013 prices. If you lose, you buy me 5 shares of Google stock at today’s prices.

And to finish the list promise, three observations about Chile

1) I still really struggle using the Spanish “Usted” form of verbs. It makes me feel like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs: It puts the empanada in the microwave or it gets the hose!

2) Even poor rural neighborhoods in Chile are aesthetically pleasing places to be. This is because they paint the houses bright yellow, red and orange. Can’t help but cheer you up. Why do houses in the US have to look like this?

3) Romance in Chile goes through 4 official stages or “Etapas.” “Pinchar” means catching someone’s eye at a bar or exchanging phone numbers. “Andar” refers to when you have gone out with the person . “Salir” is when you are seeing the person with regular frequency. “Pololiar” is when you are girlfriend and boyfriend. At the Pololiar stage, you hold hands and make out everywhere you go including the Metro, supermarkets and especially parks. Young Chilean couples generally live with their parents and have to take romance into the public sphere. As a result, I vomit in my mouth on a daily basis. (Thanks to Bri for the analysis)


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