Conflationary effects


Catherine made a few great points about the various movements now attached to the organic food bandwagon. The original intention, “eat local food,” has become conflated with other peripheral causes and as a result the movement as a whole is suffering an identity crisis. People no longer know what’s it’s all about.

How about Al Gore’s bedfellows?

The fight against climate change is still seen and marketed as an “environmentalist” movement. Think of the its dominate image: Planet earth:

The message is still emphatically “Save the Earth from Human Activity!” The problem with this message is that, in people’s minds, it carries along all the Greenpeace, Whole Foods, Sierra Club, vegetarian, save-the-rainforest, baby-seal-clubbing baggage. While most people wish it well, they don’t really care about the environment … at least not enough to change their habits.

Of course global warming is much more than an environmentalist movement. It is a humanist movement — or maybe a “preventing the death of untold millions and collapse of the world economy” movement . The earth will go on spinning. This will not be the first time it has warmed up. It’s humans who are in trouble if things start to get too steamy up in this mug.

From a marketing and mass-acceptance standpoint, the best thing that can be done is immediately shaking the notion of “environment” from the climate change lobby’s vocabulary. Get rid of the earth imagery, the word “planet,” and pictures of the snows (no longer) on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Stop forming coalitions with organizations that are not 100% focused on reducing carbon emissions for human sake and human sake alone because they dilute the message and cause people to tune out. Focus your attention on reminding people exactly why they should care:

(see The Great Halogen Alibi and Costa Rica Changes the World for other Hand perspectives on climate change)


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3 Responses to “Conflationary effects”

  1. Catherine Says:


  2. Ishfaq wani Says:

    we should try to stop global warming and if the office or shhool is near by then we shoul try to go by foot or use cycle

  3. Ansha Says:

    yes we should actually try to stop the causes of globle warming

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