Budgetary discretion


If I were named Comandante over the US budget tomorrow morning, the following would happen before you got out of the shower.

1) Gas tax. Quadrupled
2) Farm subsidies. Abolished
3) Physical science funding. Tripled.

Agree? Disagree? Volunteer an alternative three. No explanation needed.


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3 Responses to “Budgetary discretion”

  1. Catherine Says:

    1) Carbon tax on emissions embodied in consumption (note that as Comandante I feel no need to play by the rules of the WTO)
    2)Public transport, in the 10 digits
    3) Public school teacher’s salaries–tripled

  2. keith maximilian Says:

    1) Medicare — all parts — means-tested to exclude individuals making over $100k
    2) All farm subsidies and energy (yes, even renewables) subsidies abolished, and order immediate drilling begun in ANWR and fund exploration and drilling of U.S. domestic fields. Fund exploitation of the recently discovered massive Brazilian and Kazakh oil fields.
    3) All social security converted into personal accounts (use resultant funds from Medicare savings after means-testing to fund short-term shortfall).

  3. Ryan Says:

    1.) Cut all Irag War appropriations
    2.) Cut all Big Oil and Coal subsidies
    3.) Shift 1.) and 2.) savings to fund RDD&D of all energy technologies clean, safe, and renewable

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