People like lists, right?


As my English has deteriorated (but incidentally, not actually replaced by any Spanish), I am turning to a writing crutch. 5 lists of 3 in 5 days or I’ll refund your Adwords money.

Today’s theme: Stuff to read and stuff to watch

Three great stories from three of the best storytellers. Each video about 20 minutes.
1) Malcolm Gladwell on the modern genius the world needs. Profiles of two different types of genius.
2) Jill Bolte Taylor on experiencing a stroke through the eyes of a neurologist. Thanks Nic for the link.
3) Al Gore comes to TED with an even more forceful presentation than Inconvenient Truth.

Gotta love travelogues. Great stories, history, culture, adventure and mild xenophobic hilarity all wrapped into a quick-reading package. Three of my favorites (all Brits and Brit-wannabes)
1) William Dalrymple retraces Marco Polo’s steps as a college student in search of Xanadu
2) One of Bill Bryson’s lest known and less mature (read: funnier) works. Travels through Europe.
3) Rob Gifford hits the Route 66 of China. A well balanced description of what’s going on there. None of the ridiculous exaggeration and excessive praise/criticism that infests every other book on China.


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