Trust me on this


If you are not reading at least 5 blogs regularly you are missing out.

If you do not have an RSS reader, go and get one right now.

If you have a Blackberry / Smartphone pick up Viigo and link it to your brand-new RSS reader.

Good places to start below


Chris Blattman and Next Billion


Marginal Revolution and Becker Posner and Dani Rodrik


Tech Crunch and Robert Scoble


Seth Godin and Ivygate

And don’t be selfish, send me your favorites.


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4 Responses to “Trust me on this”

  1. Jeremy Ershow Says:

    For political/policy stuff, my favorites are and TPM is more of a news aggregator run by former center-left journalists; Matt Yglesias is a recent harvard grad who is ridiculously smart and interesting. The New Republic’s group blog, the Plank, is also very good.

  2. Nic Says:

    Tech: or Both great, and cover similar stuff.
    Left-wing Politics: Great coverage of the elections, but sometimes can be too much.
    I ‘love’ NYT: Most Emailed. Keeps me from having to troll through all the sections to see what other people care about. great community art project. Updated weekly. Go check it out just to see what it’s all about, but very touching, funny, moving, thoughtful. Funny. Fake blog of Steve Jobs. If you’re into Apple or Steve you will be amused (but probably not for the average computer user) Great articles usually written about a day later than reuters, but with a bit more analysis. Most of the articles are free, even though the site includes a paid section. news before it’s available anywhere else…most of the time.
    and last but not least, AWESOME must have RSS feed. users submit links, and then members vote them up or down. Once they’re voted up enough and reach the front page, you get a new article in your RSS reader. Can take a day or two to reach you if it’s very public news, but access to *tons* of stuff you would never find otherwise.

  3. Catherine Says:

    (smart, good comments)
    (good for news, not so good for opinion)

    Sustainable Food Systems:
    (also good for staying updated)

    (inspiring–god I wish we could get ingredients like this in Norway. Or even, you know, fresh spinach)

  4. doc mac Says:

    no longer updated, but hiLARious (try the one about standardized patients)

    …a new reincarnation:

    and another one (check out the poop!!):

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