Words that go with other words


Can you “foment” something that is not revolution?

The word “ample” usually describes one of three things: Intelligence, reason or bosom.

Are all go-getters “real go-getters” or are there of semi-real and fake go-getters that we need to distinguish from?

That’s all. Please send more.


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5 Responses to “Words that go with other words”

  1. Laura Says:

    “foment” a rebellion. The contrast is “stark,” just read it a couple more times.

    “ample” time. As in, “my plane takes off in forty minutes and I am still sanguinely sitting in my apartment; I have ample time to reflect on how in two minutes I will madly attempt to board said aircraft before it pushes off the gate without me.” “Ample.”

  2. Sam Says:

    “Supple” most often describes breasts, lips, or farmland. At least in my mind. Mmm, farmland.

  3. doc mac Says:

    from the ER:

    “frank” psychosis (could it be subtle?!)
    “gross” blood (as in, a lot of, but also gross)

    …and with “blatant” disregard for the original topic, I have to throw in my favorite, ‘soooo, just “how” pregnant are you?’

  4. phil Says:

    Blatant disregard! Stark contrast! Good stuff all.

    Sam, i’ve never heard farmland described as “supple” before but, I agree, it sounds delicious.

  5. amelia Says:

    as I hunt for an apartment in houston, america’s capital of urban sprawl, I can say with authority that “ample” is a frequent descriptor for parking.

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