Guys love to aim


Check out the tip from Nudges on Amsterdam bathroom architecture. Apparently little flies painted next to the drain of urinals have increased bathroom cleanliness. This is for real. When guys see the painted fly in the toilet, they are more likely to pee inside the toilet instead of partly outside. Amazing!

On a related note, I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a bar with a bathroom outfitted for peeing games (guys only). I’m lobbying to for “step change” status in Phil’s canonical bar analysis. Before you dismiss this brilliant idea as gross or weird, hear me out: I’m imagining deep urinals (say six feet deep) that have some kind of moving targets perhaps with a mechanical way to measure aim. Top scorers could win tickets redeemable for little prizes like at Chucky Cheese’s. Guys are going to drink more beer so they have more ammunition to beat the high score.

The fly phenomenon in Amsterdam urinals has validated the market: guys love to aim.


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5 Responses to “Guys love to aim”

  1. ThoughtsOnWalls Says:

    I actually read somewhere that an entrepreneurial group of individuals has developed this type of technology and is attempting to market it, although they’re having trouble finding takers.
    It doesn’t matter anyway: until they come up with a game that mimics peeing your name in the snow, I’ll never buy into their system!

  2. pee games Says:

    Step Change;

    How about a game using poop, instead of pee? Before you dismiss this as ridiculous, hear me out: Each patron would be given a roll of toilet paper and a laxative. The object of the game would be to create a poop drawing on the toilet paper, using your asshole as a paintbrush. Those with the most impressive poop drawings would win a prize, and potentially have their work immortalized on the walls of the bar. When paintbrush = asshole, even the most standard doodles–including stick figure, smiley face, and 3-dimensional box–would be impressive.

  3. Sam Says:

    TOW, aka Big W, aka GT: I need to know who has developed this technology and what media has covered it. This is of critical importance; please respond ASAP.

  4. phil Says:

    sam, i hope one day that when our readership clicks on the tag “aiming” a whole series of posts appears. we should strive to be the internet’s authority on “aiming”

  5. Bathroom entrepreneurship « The Invisible Hand, in your pants Says:

    […] of course, all urinals should have a target, for diversion and […]

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