He with sin tosses some stones


The lion’s share of my peers are currently participating in a “PROGRAM” of some kind. The two year consulting PROGRAM The five year PhD PROGRAM. The 7 year med school PROGRAM. The 4 month fellowship PROGRAM. The paralegal –> law school –> lawyer PROGRAM.

The appeal is a well-vetted experience that is a stepping stone to the next big thing. It’s a known quantity, often leads to success, promises careful handling, and usually comes with a well-established reputation.

It also smacks of risk aversion and constrained upside.

Two implications:

1) If you are trying to hire someone / convince someone to join a cause, make the opportunity sounds PROGRAMatic. Create a web page. Constrain it to a certain time frame. Specify the type of person required. Give the offer an official sounding name.

2) When you finish with your current PROGRAM, think hard about whether you want to attach yourself to another one. It’s perfectly reasonable, rational and fine to do so — just don’t convince yourself you are swinging for the fences.

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