Insecurities confirmed



Me: Am I going bald?
My sister: Yes good luck
Me: Do girls like bald guys?
My sister: Only if they make money

Me: Am I losing my hair?
Julia: Yes; truthfully. But there are several excellent solutions to this, both chemical and stylistic, so don’t panic! We’ll discuss the issues
when I’m back in town. (Why; did the girls bring it up?)

Me: Does The Hair Club for Men have guest memberships?
Erik: Nice!  why only a guest membership?  Just remember that the underlying reason is abundant manliness.  Recently I have been using an otter feremone and ginko pollen tonic purchased at great expense from a late night television commercial— no results yet except a mild attraction to otters.

Me: Am I losing my hair?
Garland: Ouch tough question man. .. but honestly looking at your Yale-Harvard pics from this year compared to other pics it looks about the same. Jeremy on the other hand, lets just hope that Rogaine works for him.

Me: Am I losing my hair?
Jeremy: Yes. Ill teach you the handshake.


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