Recent random thoughts


1) I’ve always wanted to start an epidemic. In college I tried (and failed) to start a trend of people quitting Facebook. Not just quitting, but giving their profile over as a stark testimonial to their quitting by using the image below as their picture and emptying their profile. It didn’t exactly reach the tipping point, but it might have with a more convincing leader.


The latest idea is this. What if a group of us started high-fiving strangers on the street and encouraged the recipients to pass on the love? I wonder if we could spread a high-fiving epidemic through the streets on Manhattan? Wouldn’t that liven the morning commute?

2) The best bachelor party idea I’ve ever come across, at least in the past month: Take a common bachelor party ingredient (strippers) and mix with another common bachelor party ingredient (skydiving) to form something much greater than the sum of the parts — tandem stripper skydiving. Thanks to anonymous with the funky glasses for the tip.

3) Let’s get a bunch of people and do the Times Square shuffle. 5 restaurants. 5 hours. 5 appetizers. 5 drinks. Thinking TGI Fridays, Bubba Gump, Dallas BBQ, Applebees, Ruby Tuesdays and of course Chevy’s. Think of the margaritas! Think of the potato skins! Think of the unbearable irony! I’ll bring the skinny jeans.

4) We have roofs. We have extension cords. What are we doing watching movies inside on starry, cool evenings?


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