Tighten it up, folks!


There are regretably few subjects that I want to endure for 400 written pages.

There are a few, but not many, that can keep my excited attention for that long. There are, however, countless subjects that will keep my excited attention for 75 pages. Either I’m retarded unique or there’s an unmet need out there.

If every 400 page non-fiction book had a concise, punchy 75 page alternative right next to it on the shelf, which one would you buy? Which one would you pay more for?

Same goes for speeches by a single human being on a single subject (60 minutes needs to be 20 minutes).

Why is the minimum threshold for intelligence discourse 400 pages (and 700 for a biography)? Is the publishing industry to blame? Perhaps thicker book jackets mean more bookstore sales.

Or maybe someone along the value chain is getting paid by the page.



3 Responses to “Tighten it up, folks!”

  1. kaitlyn Says:


    And think of the implications of a 75-pager for big bookstores. If Borders has 3 feet of shelf space for “XYZ Best Seller,” think of how much less time they would have to spend re-stocking if each book were 1 inch thick instead of 2. HALF AS MUCH TIME. Multiply by a gazillion Borders stores, that’s a lot of employee hours that can go towards customer service/brooding.

  2. Phil Says:

    Good points all, Trigs. Not to mention a lot less shelf space and real estate required.

    I applied to be a brooding bookstore clerk once. Was turned down. Couldn’t quite get the look right.

  3. Ari Says:

    I would (definitely) buy more books if they were shorter

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